Montlake to Evergreen Point Bridge West Approach Bridge North

Seattle, WA

The Montlake to Evergreen Point Bridge West Approach Bridge North is the section of SR 520 from Bellevue to Seattle spanning Lake Washington. This is a long bridge incorporating long span WF girders and custom tub girders.


Long Span – WF83G girders up to 148’-9”.

Custom Girders – The exterior girders on the North side of each span were custom tub girders. Tub girders are often used for a more aesthetic look. In this case, the tub girders were added after the bridge had already been designed with WF girders. The designers opted to use tub girders but wanted them to maintain the same footprint of the WF girder. This led to a custom tub girder whose bottom and top measured the same as the bottom and top flanges of a typical WF girder.

High Performance Girders – This project is designed to support light rail in the future. Several girders of each span were designed with extra stand and rebar in order to accommodate the light rail loads in the future.


Precast Prestressed Girders – 13 (ea), WF66G Girders, 135’-9”

Precast Prestressed Girders – 293 (ea), WF74G Girders, 126’-11”  to  147’-3”

Precast Prestressed Girders – 7 (ea), WF83G Girders, 148’-9”

Custom Tub Girder – 39 (ea), U74G3.2, 126’-11”  to  147’-3”

Custom Tub Girder – 39 (ea), U66G3.2, 135’-10-3/4”

Precast Prestressed Voided Slabs – 25 (ea), 44’-9” x 4’ x 18”

Precast Prestressed Solid Slabs – 125 (ea), 32’ x 4’ x 12”


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