Mass Transit - N160 Sound Transit

Seattle, WA

The N160 project is a critical link in Sound Transit’s Northgate Extension corridor connecting the University of Washington to Northgate. The project consists of a six-tenths mile elevated guideway, a passenger station and parking garage.

Sound Transit elected to use 72 inch tall precast/pre-tensioned trapezoidal girders with a cast-in-place deck for the superstructure. Each span utilized two girders, with webs sloped at a 1 to 3 ratio for the owner’s aesthetic requirements. To accommodate various bearing conditions some girders were cast with integrated end-blocks including end-blocks with dapped ends. 

The N160 trapezoidal girders are at the cutting edge of precast technology, with some girders approaching 130 ton shipping weight and 4.1 million pounds of pre-tensioning.


4.1 million pounds of pre-tension force

Integrated end-blocks


60” wide x 72” tall trapezoidal girders 


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