Red Wind Casino

Olympia, WA

This 620 stall structure provides parking for customers of the Red Wind Casino, near Yelm, Washington. The structural framing for this garage is a hybrid system. The deck is cast-in-place/post-tensioned, and the vertical and horizontal support components are precast. The deck transfers lateral loads into cast-in-place shear walls.


The deck is supported with 12" x 30" x 60' long prestressed/precast beams, typically spaced at 18' on center. To provide column-free drive lanes at each end of the garage, 24" x 30" prestressed transfer girders are used to support the 12" x 30" beams. Precast columns with corbels support the horizontal components.


Accelerated Precast Erection - Temporary precast to precast connections utilized inserts and bolts, reducing field welding. The precast was erected in six working days.
Factory Finish - Precast spandrels incorporated reveals for visual interest.


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