When Thomas and Arthur Anderson built the initial production facility in 1951, it was the first prestressing factory building in this country. The modest four employee company was the culmination of a year-long investigation, by the Andersons, throughout Europe to see the few prestressed concrete structures in existence at that time.

     Through considerable effort in developing and promoting the technology of prestressed elements for construction, Concrete Technology Corporation (CTC) was able to win acceptance of its structural concepts. Acceptance led to growth in sales and demand, and the resulting expansion led to the building of the main Structural Plant in 1960.

     A second major production building was added in 1967 to accommodate the rising demand for precast building elements. Production expansion in the 1970's included facilities for semi-automated casting of hollow-core slabs and a fully permitted 150 ft x 500 ft. graving dock for construction of floating concrete structures. Expansion and continuous upgrading of stressing facilities, handling equipment, batching facilities, formwork and other production tooling has kept CTC at the forefront of prestressed concrete manufacturing.

     Today the 30-acre plant includes over 150,000 sf of enclosed production facilities; a state-of-the-art batch plant; welding, rebar, and carpentry fabrication shops; bridge, gantry, and mobile cranes; and shipping by truck, rail, and barge. The result of this is that literally thousands of bridges, buildings, piers, tanks, floats and other structures throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska have been built with CTC products.


  • Construction of the Pilot Plant - first prestressed concrete manufacturing plant in the U.S.
  • Invention of the Anderson Post-Tensioning System
  • Development of a family of bridge I-girders - later adopted as WSDOT Standards
  • Application of internal slip-form mandrel for producing long hollow members
  • Segmental bridge construction using multi-strand post tensioning tendons
  • Developed the Decked Bulb Tee Girder which combines a bridge girder and deck as a single precast unit
  • Major plant expansion including construction of 120,000 sf of enclosed production facilities
  • Cheney Stadium - a design-build minor league ballpark completed in 3-1/2 months
  • Fabrication of curved prestressed girders for the Seattle Monorail
  • Testing and acceptance of haunched deck panels and long load bearing piles for heavily-loaded marine piers
  • Pile-supported prestressed pipe-beams for sewer lines in Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish
  • Large diameter hollow piles for foundations of major bridges in Washington
  • 340 ft. diameter, 20 million gallon capacity Riverton Heights Reservoir Tank for the City of Seattle
  • Construction of a 150' x 500' graving dock and the start of a market for floating concrete structures
  • Fabrication of guideway elements for the Disney World Monorail in Orlando, FL
  • Construction of the ARCO LPG Floating Storage Facility; the largest of its kind in the world
  • 165 ft. long, 95-ton girders for the Humboldt Bay Bridge in Eureka, CA
  • Concrete Technology Associates, a 15 year venture of operating a formal R & D program and testing laboratory
  • Fabrication of 30' deep x 100' wide x 700' long Floating Container Terminal for Valdez, AK
  • 990 bridge girders supporting a landscaped lid over a 1/2 mile section of I-90 on Mercer Island, WA
  • All-precast 90 ft. tall heavy industrial building for Crown Zellerbach Pulp & Bleach Plant
  • 16,000 pieces of curved tunnel liner panels for the Seattle Metro Bus Tunnel
  • Six large buried tanks for storing 20 million gallons of JP-5 jet fuel at Adak, AK
  • Prefabricated floating caisson for a dock at St. Paul Island in the Pribilof Islands (Bering Sea, AK)
  • Construction of 18' deep x 52' wide x 930' long floating bridge drawspan, Pearl Harbor, HI
  • Precast seat risers, double tees and stairs for Safeco Field - home of the Seattle Mariners
  • 194' long single-piece piles, deck panels, and sheet piles for Everett Homeport Carrier Pier and Breakwater Pier
  • Development in collaboration with WSDOT and PNW/PCI of new 7' and 8' deep Wide Flange Girders for long-span bridges
  • Widespread use of hollow core slabs for heavily loaded lids of large underground water detention vaults
  • North American licensee for Core-Loc shore protection elements
  • 13,000 pieces of curved single-pass tunnel liner segments for two tunnels in Seattle
  • 58,000 sf of heavy duty marina floats for the City of Seward, AK
  • Construction of a Super-Girder plant; 30,000 sf enclosed facility with the capability of fabricating over 200 ft. long girders, a capacity of up to 4.4 million lbs of prestress force, and the ability to lift 150-tons
  • Collaboration with WSDOT and PNW/PCI for expansion of the Wide Flange Girder product line; capable of producing and shipping girders with span lengths of more than 230’
  • Production of an innovative and efficient modular hybrid floating pier (MHP) for the U.S. Navy; The MHP system takes maximum advantage of high performance light-weight concrete and various reinforcing products
  • 125 ft. long, 165-ton Hammerhead girders for Manette Bridge in Bremerton, WA
  • Trapezoidal girders for mass transit projects
  • Research, development and  implementation of Self-Consolidating Concrete and Lightweight Concrete mixes
  • 205 ft. long, WF100G girders for Alaskan Way Viaduct in Seattle, WA; the longest girders shipped via truck in the United States at the time
  • Fabrication of two, 20 ft. deep x 50 ft. wide, floating cruise ship berths for the city of Juneau, AK; totaling 35,000 sf
  • Rapid fabrication of 65” deep Decked Bulb Tee girders for a section of I-5 that collapsed into the Skagit River; use of Lightweight concrete mix to avoid modification of existing bridge substructure


  • Constructed our new Mega-Girder plant; 25,000 SF enclosed facility with two beds capable of 6,000,000 pounds of pre-tensioning
  • Production of a 223’-4.5” long WF100G girder for the I-5 Portland Avenue project, giving it the title of world’s longest, single piece pre-tensioned girder delivered by truck.
  • Production of full-span precast concrete girders for use in elevated guideway sections of Sound Transit’s Link Light Rail mass transit system.


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