Pipe Beam - Georgia Pacific Outfall

Bellingham, WA

The 1.5 mile long outfall for the Georgia Pacific Corporation paper mill in Bellingham, WA, was constructed to carry treated effluent to the mouth of Bellingham Bay. 100-ton precast/prestressed pipe beams span between pile bents composed of precast pile caps and steel pipe piles. Each pipe is designed to carry dead, live, and earthquake loads as a beam between the pile cap and piles. 


The precast pipes have a rubber "O" ring in a bell and spigot joint over the pile caps that allowed for rapid underwater assembly, adjustment for construction tolerances, and articulated movement in the event of seismic activity.


Pipe Beams - 63 ea - 60" Diameter Pipe-beams; 53 @ 130-2", 10 @ 102'-6"
Pile Caps - 64 ea - 3'-0" x 11'-0" x 12'-0" precast pile caps
Pipe Fittings - 3 ea - end, angle and transition structures
Footbridge - 2 ea - 28" x 5'-0" x 66' prestressed channel beams


Long-span pipe beams minimized the number of pile bents needed for the outfall foundation.

Maximum use of precast concrete elements kept expensive and difficult on-site work at a minimum.

Use of precast concrete allowed a high level of quality control, rapid production of standard units, and durable concrete for severe exposure conditions.


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