Berth 3 Extension

Olympia, Washington

The Berth 3 Extension is the fourth phase in the replacement of an aging wooden pier with a concrete structure composed of prestressed piles and deck panels. This phase included the installation of prestressed concrete fender piles along the 1700 ft. length of the entire concrete pier. Faced with a marine plastic rub strip, the concrete fender piles replaced the toxic creosote-coated wood piles used in the past. The prestressed fender piles are expected to last longer and have a cheaper life-cycle cost than traditional wood pile fender systems.



Precast Prestressed Bearing Piles - 169 (ea) - 16½" octagonal piles and 36 (ea) 24" solid piles
Precast Prestressed Deck - 204 (ea) - 27" haunched deck panels
Precast Prestressed Fender Piles - 89 (ea) 16" square prestressed concrete fender piles


Heavy Loading - This pier is designed to withstand the heavy wheel loads of log loaders and up to 2000 psf live load.
Prestressed Fender Piles - The entire wood fender system was replaced with a prestressed fender pile system.


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