Alabama/Vining Street Pedestrian Bridge

Bellingham, WA

The Alabama/Vining Street Bridge provides a safe crossing for users of walking trails running north and south of Alabama Street in the City of Bellingham. The aesthetically pleasing winged-box girder section was selected to blend into existing residential areas. This unique cross-section combines several features into a monolithically cast piece. The stiffness of the superstructure is provided by a 28" deep x 4'-0" wide trapezoidal cell element. The 11' wide walking surface is formed with 6" thick "wing" elements extending 3'-6" beyond each side of the trapezoid. Finally, the cross-section integrates a 6" x 6" curb element on each side for attachment of guardrails.

This project is an excellent example of how a precast system substantially reduces above-ground construction time. The superstructure, deck, and final surface textures were completed at the plant, leaving only erection, closure pours, and hardware installation for the contractor at the jobsite.


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