38th Street Interchange

Tacoma, WA

The 38th Street Interchange project included the demolition and replacement of a freeway overpass across I-5 in Tacoma and a new pedestrian overpass one block away at 37th Street. Both the two-span vehicular bridge and the four-span pedestrian bridge were designed with WSDOT Tub girders as post-tensioned spliced construction, with each span is comprised of three tub girders. 

The roadway deck made use of stay-in-place deck form panels spanning across both the top of the open tub girders, and between the girders, with a CIP reinforced deck slab of 5" poured over the form panels.

The construction schedule required substantial completion in under 11 months, including demolition and replacement structures, between the New Year holiday and the following Thanksgiving holiday. 


Rapid - Exceptionally rapid construction schedule due to use of precast girders and deck forms.
Attractive - Tub girders provide favorable aesthetics and span-depth ratios.
Traffic-Friendly - Stay-in-place form panels eliminate need to install and remove temporary deck forming.


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