Decked Bulb Tees
Decked Bulb Tees

Decked bulb tee girders are a versatile long span girder that incorporates the benefits of both an I girder, and a precast slab deck. These girders are typically used for vehicle bridges and can range in length from as small as 40’ up to 160’. Many of the benefits of these girders come from the versatility of the deck. Standard deck widths vary from 4’ to 8’ wide and 6” thick, however there are many possibilities for customization including: tapering widths, curved decks, cross slope and camber compensation flange thickening. The top surface can be finished as a driving surface or roughened in preparation to receive an HMA overlay or cast in place deck. Standard girder depths are 35”, 41”, 53” and 65”.

Options for deck bulb tee girders include:

  • Finishing the top of the girders as the drivable surface or preparing the deck to receive an HMA or cast in place topping
  • Custom deck widths and depths
  • Adding precast curbs and/or sidewalks with a second cast


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