US Coast Guard Ketchikan Homeport

Ketchikan, Alaska

These two monolithic floats provide mooring at the US Coast Guard Ketchikan homeport for 154’ long fast response cutters.  Each float measures 8’ deep x 25’ wide x 200’ long.

The float procurement was administered as a design-build contract.  Concrete Technology Corporation fabricated the floats for Transpac Marinas, with Transpac Marinas acquiring design services and completing outfitting of the floats for delivery to the prime contractor.

The floats were fabricated in Concrete Technology Corporation’s graving dock and towed to the site in Ketchikan Alaska.  The construction method was monolithic, with foam-fill and post-tensioning.  The contract required 50 year service life, which is easily achievable with the use of high -performance, low-permeability concrete and galvanized reinforcement.


2 concrete floats  – 8’ deep x 25’ wide x 200’ long


  • High-performance, low-permeability concrete
  • Monolithic construction, foam-filled, post-tensioned
  • Floats were design-build allowing CTC to optimize the overall system


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