Sunset Drive Interchange

Bellingham, WA

The two-span bridge on SR 542 across I-5 near Bellingham, WA provides an attractive, low-profile structure. This bridge combines the appearance of a cast-in-place box girder with the advantages of precast, prestressed construction. Using a post-tensioned spliced design, with two girders per span, resulted in clear spans of 95' to 109' across the Interstate highway. The open-topped "tub" girders have 1:7 sloping sides and support a 7½" thick cast-in-place roadway deck. The 6' wide girders are spaced 10 feet apart and, with 8 girders per span, provide an 85 foot wide superstructure for the overpass.


Attractive - Smooth, sloping sides of the trapezoidal girders emulate the appearance of a CIP box structure.
No Shoring - Precast sections result in a safer and smoother flow of traffic below the bridge during construction by eliminating the form shoring needed for a cast-in-place superstructure.
Thin - Relatively shallow "tub" girders yield a favorable span/depth ratio, thus reducing the depth of the superstructure.


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