Stadium - Tumwater High School

Tumwater, WA

Except for the glue-lam beam roof, the shell of this facility is an all-precast concrete structure composed of precast walls, hollow core slabs, beams, columns, and single riser seating units. The upper level (below the roof) is an open-air, covered deck that can be used for physical education activities or concessions during school games, and the lower enclosed level is used for classrooms. The exterior walls feature a trapezoidal ribbed finish that is painted in the school colors.


  • Beams - 25 (ea) - Various sizes of rectangular beams
  • Raker Beams - 9 (ea) - 25'-10" long saw-toothed raker beams
  • Columns - 18 (ea) - 11'-0" and 40'-4" columns
  • Decks - 80 (ea) - 8" deep x 4’-0" wide x 21'-6" long hollow core slabs
  • Seat Risers - 64 (ea) - 1'-3" rise x 3'-2" run x 21'-8" long L-shaped single risers
  • Walls - 50 (ea) - 6" x 10'-6" x 18'-0" ribbed wall panels


All Precast Exterior - The seating deck, support framing and exterior walls are all precast.
Dual Purpose - Serves both as a spectator sports grandstand and classroom building.
Architectural Finish - The precast exterior has formed surface texture.
Rainy-day Deck - Behind the stadium seating and under the roof is an open-air, protected area for other activities.


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