Stadium - Troy Field

Auburn, WA

Up to 1200 spectators can be accommodated in this 26' x 182' grandstand for Auburn High School. The seating area is composed of precast single-riser seat units that span between cast-in-place raker beams on 20 ft. spacings. Each seat unit is 2'-4" wide x 19'-2" long x 21-½" deep, with a 7½" "heel" on the bottom to add depth to the riser for resisting vertical deflections. Precast tapered columns, weighing up to 66,000 lbs/each and 43 ft. tall, integrate with the CIP raker beams and support a cantilevered glu-lam roof.



Seat Risers - 99 (ea) - Precast single-riser seating units

Columns - 10 (ea) - Precast columns


Clear View - Glulam roof is completely supported from above by cantilevered precast columns and tension ties. No struts or columns are located within the spectator area.
Tall Columns - Precasting proved more efficient than forming and pouring for the 5-story free-standing columns


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