Stadium - Silverdale High School

Silverdale, WA

The "Home" grandstand at this stadium provides clear views and comfortable seating for the football, soccer and track events at Olympic High School in Silverdale. The 40' x 100' seating area is composed of precast, reinforced concrete L-shaped seat risers that are 6" thick, 36" wide, and 25' long. Cast-in-place raker beams and columns on 25' bent spacings support the precast seating units. Four foot high precast concrete panels on each end serve as railing walls. A cantilevered wood roof provides shelter from the occasional "liquid sunshine" and the area below the stadium is used for heated locker rooms and restroom facilities.



  • L-shaped single risers - 72 pcs - typically 6" thick x 36" wide x 25' long
  • Railing panels -10 pcs - 6" x 4'-2" x 7'-7"


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