Stadium - Husky West Stand Replacement

Seattle, WA

An expansion and replacement of the U-shaped west end of Husky Stadium at the University of Washington incorporated the use of precast prestressed concrete seating units. Cast as "double" risers, the seating elements have a rise of 16", a run of 30", and a typical length of 43'-46'. A total of 14 new tiers of seating were added in the open air student section of the football stadium.



  • 127 pieces - double tread/riser seating units
  • 15 pieces - small closure panels


Prestressing of the seating units allowed for longer spans and increased the bent spacing of the supporting beams.

The use of double risers, instead of single L-shaped units, reduced the number of joints and installation "picks" for the erector.

The use of precast stadium units shortened the construction schedule and provided a superior finish to cast-in-place alternatives.


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