SR 303 Manette Bridge Replacement

Bremerton, WA

This seven-span 1,550’ long bridge over Port Washington Narrows connects Bremerton with East Bremerton and replaces the old Manette Bridge built in 1930. The bridge utilizes a spliced girder system with hammer head girders bearing upon each pier and drop-in girders finalizing each span. The bridge accommodates motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians with 11’ wide lanes, 5’ wide shoulders and a 10’ wide pedestrian walkway. Each span incorporates a slight parabolic curve in the bottom flange giving this bridge an elegant and aesthetic look compatible with the beauty of the area.


Precast/Prestressed Girders – 24 (ea) – WF Hammer Head Girders; 20 (ea) - Custom WF Drop-in Girders; 8 (ea) – Custom WF End Girders.


Hammer Head Girders – 123’ long hammer head girders, 12’-6” tall at the bearing point in the middle with a parabolic taper to 7’-9” at each end. With a girder weight of 330,000 lbs. these are some of the heaviest girders produced at CTC.

Parabolic Bottom Flange – Drop-in girders with a parabolic bottom flange were cast to match the curve of the hammer head girders. The 123’ drop-in girders tapered from 7’-7-13/16” at each end, to 6’-0” in the middle. These girders weighed 160,000 lbs. each.

Drop-in and end girders were post-tensioned into the hammer head girders once in place. 


Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute - Honorable Mention - Best Bridges With Main Span More Than 150 Feet

Washington Aggregates & Concrete Association - Excellence In Concrete Construction


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