SR 16 Nalley Valley Interchange, Eastbound

Tacoma, WA

The original Nalley Valley interchange was too narrow to carry additional lanes and the pier system that supported the original structures prevented road widening. The I-5/SR 16 Eastbound Nalley Valley project is the second of three projects to rebuild the Nalley Valley Viaduct. Reconstruction of the Nalley Valley interchange is part of a series of projects to reduce congestion, improve safety and add HOV lanes in Pierce County.

The new eastbound (and westbound) viaduct provides ramp connections which will be used in the third and last phase of viaduct work in which HOV lanes will be added to connect SR 16 and I-5 HOV lanes.

This project improves the safety of the interchange by widening shoulders, ramp alignment and curve profiles and road lighting. The new ramps have increased capacity to reduce traffic backups and slowdowns.



Precast/Prestressed Girders:

  • 97 (ea) WF100G Girders, 99’ 6 ¼” – 192’ 7”
  • 21 (ea) WF83G Girders, 92’ 6 ¼” – 157’ 4 ¼”
  • 37 (ea) WF58G Girders, 120’ 11 ½” – 136’ 11”

Stay In Place Slabs:

  • 337 (ea) 54 SF average size


Long Spans – WF100G girders with spans up to 192’-7” reduced the number of piers needed. The girders weighed up to 246,000 lbs.

Stay-In-Place Slabs – Reduce formwork and time of construction for cast-in-place bridge decks.


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