SEATAC Airport International Arrival Facility

SeaTac, WA

The new International Arrival Facility will replace the existing gateway, which has been in service since the 1970’s.  This new structure will add 450,000 square feet, which will increase the processing gates from 12 to 20 and reduce waiting time for passengers by approx. 15 minutes.  This capacity will more than double to 2,600 travelers per hour.  The facility also increases baggage claim size by 75%.  This project has incorporated enhanced technology and natural flow of transit to make Seatac Airport a desirable entrance to the US for business and tourism. There were 37 shearwalls and 1 mockup. The weight of the shearwalls ranged from 100,000 lbs. to 187,000 lbs.



Structural Design – At 8’ wide, 2’ thick and up to 80’ tall, these shearwalls are extremely robust to resist both the vertical and lateral loads.  They are designed to withstand the seismic (earthquake) forces of the entire structure.  With such demand, they were heavily reinforced with rebar and incorporated extensive hardware to connect with other glass, steel and concrete members.

Architectural Finishes – Clean, full 180° radius edges were built into the walls during fabrication.  The surfaces received exceptionally smooth treatment and painted white by the contractor to match the general theme of the airport.  Each shearwall was unique and expressed the architect’s vision of the overall sweeping concept.


8’ Wide Shearwalls


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