Olympia Country & Golf Club

Olympia, WA

The Olympia Country & Golf Club built a new below-grade parking structure, for vehicles and golf carts, in an effort to alleviate parking constraints. The structural framing is an “all precast” system. The floor deck use 8” and 12” deep prestressed hollow core slabs with a cast-in-place topping slab. On the interior the deck is supported by precast columns, prestressed rectangular beams and cast-in-place shear walls. A new clubhouse and putting green were built on top of the new parking structure. 


Accelerated Construction Schedule – Precast components were fabricated concurrently with site and foundation work.

Factory Finish - High-quality surfaces of precast concrete reduced on-site finishing costs.


Columns – 40 pcs. – 18” Square Columns

Rectangular Beams – 45 pcs.

Spandrels – 19 pcs.

Hollow Core – 299 pcs. – 8” & 12” thick Hollow Core


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