Group Health Parking Garage

Tukwila, WA

Located in Tukwila, south of Boeing Field, the 127’ x 540’ parking garage has two elevated levels and provides 608 spaces of parking for employees. The structural framing concept for this garage is similar to others that have made use of the precast beam/column frame and double tee floor system. Large perimeter beam/column units provide the supporting structure for floor double tees that span to a line of precast columns, inverted tee beams, and tilt-up shear walls down the center of the garage. Splice sleeves in the column bases provide a grouted reinforcing connection that fully develops the vertical reinforcing and provides the moment capacity of a monolithic concrete frame. A reinforced, cast-in-place topping slab over the double tees is used to provide leveling, drainage slopes, and the structural floor diaphragm.


Speedy Construction - Use of precast elements resulted in a shorter construction schedule than a cast-in-place, post-tensioned option.
Integrated Elements - Combination Beam/Column units reduced the number of pieces to erect and connections to execute during construction.
Factory Finish - High-quality surfaces of precast concrete reduced on-site finishing costs.
Efficient System - Combination of precast framing with cast-in-place topping over the double tees takes advantage of the speed of precast construction and the structural diaphragm performance of the reinforced concrete topping/double tee floor.


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