Bowen Duplex

Olympia, WA

These solid wall panels provided the exterior framework to support this residential duplex.  The erection of these load bearing walls only took a couple of days, which contributed to a very short timeframe to complete a dry shell – something everyone can appreciate in the Northwest.  As a rental property, the return on investment is very important.  The efficient design and very low maintenance costs made these precast concrete walls more competitive than other materials.  


5½” thick Precast Wall Panels


Resilience - Few products compare to concrete when it comes to durability and its ability to withstand the weather and corrosion.  That was a major consideration when selecting precast concrete for the walls of this residential duplex. 

Thermal Mass – Concrete’s high density will absorb and store heat energy.  This improves heating and cooling efficiency during daily temperature cycles and maintaining proper temperature inside the building.

Architectural Finishes – Clean edges and a few reveals were built into the walls during fabrication. 


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