A Street Garage

Tacoma, WA

This seven-level parking garage was the first in a series of garages to use the integrated precast beam/column units as a structural/architectural framing system. These large frame units combine columns and beams into an element that is connected vertically using an embedded reinforcing splice system that provides full moment capacity in the joint. The floors are constructed with 24" deep double tees, 10' wide x 54' long, spanning from the perimeter beam-column frames to a cast-in-place center shear wall. 

The first phase of construction was 5 levels high and allowed for the addition of more levels in the future. Two additional levels were added in 2002, adding 230 parking spaces to the existing 692-stall structure.


Fewer Pieces- Combined beam/column frame units reduce the number of pieces to erect and minimize the number of connections between beams and columns.

Work Platform- Double tees provide a safe, unobstructed work platform, immediately after erection that is usable for light construction loads.

Fewer Pieces- Reinforced, cast-in-place concrete topping over the double tees provides a leveling course, proper drainage slopes, and a structural floor diaphragm.


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