Valdez Container Terminal

Valdez, AK

The world’s first floating concrete container terminal was put in service in 1982. After being towed 1600 miles from the manufacturing site in Tacoma, WA, the two 350’ long pontoons were post-tensioned together in Valdez into a single 100' wide x 700' long floating dock. Eight concrete gravity anchors hold it in place, and two 200' long steel box girder bridges connect the dock to shore. Each of the two pontoons is composed of 16 watertight compartments, with longitudinal and transverse post-tensioning ensuring the watertight integrity of the hulls.



Concrete Floating Structures
2 ea - 30' deep x 100' wide x 350' long open-cell concrete floats


Self-Adjusting - Floating dock is self-adjusting in ship-to-dock elevation for the largest tidal variations.
Deep Water Site - Suitable for deep water conditions and not subject to ground motions from earthquakes.
Minimal Maintenance - Periodic dry-docking for hull cleaning and painting is not required.
Design-Build - This project was constructed with a design-build team approach.


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