Town Center Garage

Tumwater, WA

The Town Center Garage provides almost 1200 parking stalls in a 290,000 total square foot structure. The structural framing is an "all precast" system. The floor deck uses 24" deep prestressed double tees, with a cast-in-place composite topping. On the interior, the deck is supported by precast columns, prestressed inverted tee beams, and precast "scissor" beams at the ramp. On the exterior, the deck is supported with integrated beam/column units, precast spandrels, and cast-in-place shear walls.

The brick used on the beam/column units, spandrels and cast-in-place shear walls, is Scott System's Brick Snap® product. This system does not require a mason for installation.


Scott System's Brick Snap® - This thin-brick veneer system allowed CTC's "in-house" production staff to install the brick in the chosen pattern, prior to product casting. The proprietary plastic mold around each brick provided a finished mortar joint appearance, with minimal finish work required after casting.
Efficient System - Utilizes precast components for vertical load support, and the cast-in-place topping as a diaphragm, transferring the wind/seismic loads into the cast-in-place shear walls. The cast-in-place topping also increases double tee capacity through composite action, and is finished to provide proper drainage.


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