Redmond Crossing Detention Vault

Redmond, WA

This 360' x 62' x 7' deep buried reservoir detains storm water runoff from the site and meters the discharge at a rate that does not impact the drainage system. The vault's capacity is approximately 1.1 million gallons to meet a 100 year storm design. In final configuration, the impact of such a large structure does not adversely affect the project since it is hidden below ground with a parking area above. The lid is constructed with 270 pieces of 12½" thick by 4' wide prestressed, precast untopped hollow core slabs. They span 20' and are designed to support HS25 truck loading and 2' of soil and asphalt cover. 


Fast - After excavation of the site, the structure required 38 calendar days from foundation to backfill to complete. Prefabrication of the hollow core slabs for the lid proceeded at the factory while the support structure was being constructed at the jobsite. The lid itself required only 3 days to install.
Economical - Heavy load-carrying capacity of the prestressed hollow core slabs allows long spans and therefore minimum support walls per volume of capacity. Highly automated, high volume, factory production techniques make the hollow core slab the most economical concrete support structure available.
Flexible - From 15' to 30' spans, depending on the loading conditions, small or large vaults of varying configuration can be designed to meet the storage and site requirements of the project. The combination of site cast walls and floor and factory cast lid gives the designer the greatest flexibility in achieving the unique requirements of each vault.


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