Red Wind Parking Expansion

Olympia, WA

The 620 stall Precast Hybrid garage built in 2004 was not enough to support the growing demand at this casino. An additional 605 stall “All-Precast” expansion took place in 2014. The expansion ascended 5 levels and connected to each of the lower 4 levels of the original garage; making navigating the two combined garages a seamless effort. Elevators and a breezeway corridor were part of the design to improve pedestrian flow.


Double Tees  – 288 pcs. – 24”deep Double Tees & 28” Double Tees

Spandrels – 103 pcs. – load bearing and non-load bearing Spandrels

Columns – 31 pcs. – 18” square & 24” square Columns

Inverted Tee Beams – 35 pcs. – 34”x40” Inverted Tee Beams

Ell Beams – 12 pcs. – 34” Ell Beams

Scissor Beams – 6 pcs. – Variable height

Hollow Core – 9 pcs. – 12” thick Hollow Core


Accelerated Construction Schedule – Precast components were fabricated concurrently with site and foundation work.  Erection staging was able to be located across the street to provide uninterrupted placement of each precast product.

Uninterrupted Business – The casino and previous garage were able to continue to serve guests during the expansion.

Integral seismic design – The chord reinforcement to withstand lateral forces during an earthquake were incorporated into the precast elements.


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