Neah Bay Commercial Dock

Neah Bay, Washington

Neah Bay is home to the Makah Tribe of Native Americans where commercial fishing is a very important industry. The previous wooden dock had deteriorated to the extent that a portion had collapsed and was unsafe to use. The owner needed a new facility to continue fishing the next season. All of the precast products were delivered by the contractor on two small barges for quick installation. The Makah Dock, as it is known locally, provides the facility to berth fishing vessels, package the catch on ice and load trucks for transport. It supports about 90 tribal and non-tribal businesses employing over 400 individuals.


Haunched Decks– 116 pcs. - 24” thick

Channel Beams - 32 pcs - 36” deep

Pile Caps - 39 pieces - various dimensions

Suspended containment vaults - 4 pieces

Cantilevered catch basins – 4 pieces


Longevity – Sufficient concrete cover over reinforcement and proper connection design will enable the dock to function with minimal maintenance for a long time. Precast caps and decks have been in service in harsh physical, temperature and chemical environments for over half a century.

Creative Incorporation of precast – The containment vaults and catch basins were necessary to protect the surrounding marine habitat. Design of integrated, custom precast products served the role of runoff control as well as structural support member while remaining to be constructible in a practical manner.


2015 COPRI Small Project Excellence Award, American Society of Civil Engineers

2015 Engineering Excellence Bronze Award, American Council of Engineering Companies 

2015 Job Creation Award, National Development Council Academy

2014 Non-Metro QLICI of the Year Award, Novogradac Journal


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