Mass Transit - Walt Disney World Monorail

Orlando, FL

A total of 337 beams, with typical lengths of 100'-110' and weighing up to 60 tons each, comprise the 6-1/2 miles of guideway track for Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Except for some at-grade sections at station locations, the double track system serving the amusement park, Epcot Center, hotels, and service areas is an elevated guideway with rubber-tired, electrically driven trains. The beams for this facility were shipped 3400 miles by rail from Tacoma, WA to Orlando.


  • 337 pieces - Hollow prestressed monorail guideway beams


Half of the beams are curved, with horizontal, vertical, and super-elevated variations within each curved beam.
The hollow box sections have a variable depth with parabolic haunches at the beam ends, lending a very graceful appearance to the structure.
Beams have continuous post tensioning through six spans, minimizing the number of expansion joints.
A flatness tolerance of 1/10” in 10' results in an exceptionally smooth ride.


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