Main Street Bridge

City of Waitsburg

The Main Street, City of Waitsburg bridge was the culmination of the WSDOT effort to develop a new girder section that could combine the span lengths and stability of the Wide Flange girder series, while adding the accelerated bridge construction benefits of Decked Bulb Tee girders. While this job is small, it is notable as the first project in the state of Washington to use the new Wide Flange Decked Girders.

One of the apparent benefits of these girders is that you can achieve longer spans with  shallower girders. If this bridge had been designed with the traditional deck bulb tee girders the required section would have been 53” deep, compared to the 45” depth of the girders used on this bridge.


Accelerated Construction – The Precast bridge deck was made a unit by means of weld ties and grouted key-way. Cast in place bridge barriers and sidewalk, and HMA overlay were placed on top of deck.


Precast Prestressed Girders – 7 (ea), WF45DG Girders, 127’-3 ¼”     

  • Deck Width: 5’ – 10 ¼”
  • Deck Thickness: 6”


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