Hyundai Terminal

Tacoma, WA

This 120 ft. wide x 2000 ft. long marginal wharf in the Port of Tacoma is the berthing and trans-shipment structure for a 60-acre container terminal. Hyundai Merchant Marine has a long-term lease with the Port and uses the facility for handling container cargo ships that carry up to 6,500 containers. The pier is supported by 24" octagonal piles, with an average length of 118 ft. per pile. The pile bents, with cast-in-place pile caps, are spaced at 25 ft. and support a deck constructed with 6 ft. wide x 22’-6" long haunched deck panels. The panels are integrated into a heavy-duty deck by grouting the panel edge shear keys, welding large projecting reinforcing steel bars between panels end-to-end over the pier caps, and casting concrete closures over the pier caps between the panel ends. The deck panels are then covered with asphalt paving.

The 2000 foot face of the new wharf is protected by 16" square prestressed concrete fender piles with UHMW abrasion protection.


Precast Prestressed Bearing Piles - 1072 (ea) - 24" solid and hollow octagonal piles
Precast Prestressed Deck - 1377 (ea) - 27" haunched deck panels
Heavy Support Framing - 405 (ea) rectangular edge beams and crane beams
Precast Prestressed Fender Piles - 108 (ea) 16" square prestressed concrete fender piles


Optimized Bent Spacing - the deck span and pile bent spacing are optimized with the aid of CTC's adjustable-length haunched deck form.
Speed of Construction - This $40,000,000 wharf required only 14 months to design and build.
Prestressed Fender Piles - The pier utilizes the robust and economical prestressed fender pile system developed by the US Navy.


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