Homeport Breakwater Pier

Everett, WA

The Breakwater Pier at the U.S. Navy Homeport Complex is a 90’ wide x 1500’ long structure with a dual function. It is a berthing facility for Navy ships, and it also serves as a breakwater for the adjacent Carrier Pier. The pier structure is supported by 24" hollow octagonal prestressed piles and decked with precast prestressed panels. The piles are unspliced and over 180 feet long.

The breakwater wall runs along both sides of the pier and the individual breakwater panels span vertically from the pier deck to embedment in the soil at the harbor bottom. The panels are spaced apart horizontally to allow water circulation and free movement of marine life.


Precast Prestressed Bearing Piles - 842 ea - 24" hollow octagonal piles - 152,000 lf
Precast Prestressed Deck - 444 ea - prestressed concrete haunched deck panels
Breakwater Wall - 423 ea - 14" thick x 4’ & 8’ wide x 70’-91’ breakwater panels


Economy - The long, unspliced prestressed concrete piles provide economy, low maintenance and durability.
Reduced Environmental Impact - Narrower than a rubble mound structure, the breakwater/pier provides wave protection for the Navy ships in a small footprint.
Upgradable - Support structure was provided in Phase 1 for the future addition of deck areas to convert the breakwater to a fully functional pier.
Salmon-friendly - The spaces between breakwater panels allow free passage for adult and juvenile fish during migrations.


Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute - 1998 Design Award


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