Friday Harbor Breakwater

San Juan Island, WA

This floating breakwater protects the marina at the Port of Friday Harbor on San Juan Island in the northern part of Puget Sound. The breakwater has two separate sections - a 1285 ft. long, dogleg-shaped portion and a 330 ft. straight section, with the entrance to the marina between them. The floats are held in position by anchor lines that are connected to stake piles in the harbor bottom and to embedded hawse pipe/chain locker hardware in the floats. Public access from shore is provided by a ramp, and the sides of the breakwater are used for customs inspection, seaplane terminal and transient moorage.



Foam-filled cellular floats
  • 3 (ea) - 6'-0" deep x 21'-0" wide x 330' long
  • 1 (ea) - 5'-6" deep x 16'-0" wide x 317' long
  • 1 (ea) - 5'-6" deep x 16'-0" wide x 306' long


Post-tensioned - Foam-filled, heavy structural concrete sections are post-tensioned longitudinally to resist the bending forces of the waves from storms and marine traffic.
Independently Anchored - The three sections of the dogleg-shaped breakwater are each independently anchored, without solid connections between sections, but held adjacent to each other by crossed, tensioned anchor lines.
Deep Water Site - Clump weights and adjustable chain sections on the anchor lines are more practical than piles for mooring these structures in deep water. They allow for easy positioning and adjustment of the floats.


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