Fox Island Fishing Pier

Pierce County, WA

This popular public fishing pier is on the east end of Fox Island in southern Puget Sound. Formerly the site of an early 20th century pier that was simply called "the concrete dock", it provides public access for fishing for salmon, bottom fish, and crabs. The Double Tee deck, supported on 24" solid octagonal prestressed concrete piles and cast-in-place pile caps, is virtually a maintenance-free structure that will have a service life in excess of 60 years.


Precast Prestressed Bearing Piles - 13(ea) - 24" solid octagonal piles
Precast Prestressed Deck - 8 (ea) - 26½" deep x 8’ wide x 38’ to 44’ long Double Tees


Tough - This beautiful, functional facility will withstand the rigors of heavy public use for many years without damage or deterioration.
Low Maintenance - Durable prestressed concrete provides a structure that requires little or no maintenance and will remain in like-new condition for decades


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