Community and Aquatic Center

Sammamish, WA

The 69,000 square foot, two-story building will provide the local community many health-oriented resources, such as multiple gyms, jogging track, several multi-purpose rooms and two pools. The center has created a beautiful public space and a city hub adjacent to the City Hall, Library and commons park. Efficient climate conditioning, water use and a green roof make it an environmentally friendly solution. The City has teamed up with the YMCA to operate and maintain the facility.


Rectangle Beams – 2 pcs. – 33”x37.25” Prestressed Rectangular Beams
Hollow Core – 45 pcs. – 12” Hollow Core Planks


Span Length - Rectangle beams are 56’-7” long and the Hollow Core reached over 31’ in length.
Bidder-design - The precast products were designed to span across the lap pool while supporting the fitness center above. Exercise equipment, active users, and potential non-uniform loading were taken into account to provide the necessary shear, flexure and torsional demands on the products.
Building Considerations - The inherent nature of these precast/prestressed products enables them to function very well in close proximity to the chlorinated pool as well as provide adequate fire rating, exceeding code requirements.


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