ARCO Oil Terminal

Bellingham, WA

This bulk fuel unloading pier was awarded through a design-build competition and was completed in 2001. This was built with minimum over-the-water construction time due to the large size of the precast elements. The precast pile caps were up to 75 feet long and weighed over 150 tons. The deck elements were each assembled from prestressed bridge girders as full width roadway units and set onto the pile caps in one piece.


Roadway Units - 19 (ea) - 58" deep, up to 90 feet long and up to 155 tons.
Pile Caps - 17 (ea) - up to 75 feet long, weighing over 150 tons
Dolphin Caps - 8 (ea) up to 140 tons


Large Elements - Piece sizes were optimized to make full use of equipment lifting capabilities and to increase spacing between pile bents.
Speed of Construction - Large, one-piece elements allowed fast assembly and minimum impact on this environmentally sensitive area.


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