The WSDOT W series girders are basic I girders and have been used longer than any other I girder in Washington state. These girders vary in depth from 42” up to 74” and can be used for spans between 40’ and 160’. While these girders are good and efficient they have fallen out of favor for new construction as the more efficient and versatile WF series girders have become the girder of choice for most jobs. However, the W girders are still used often to replace girders that may have been damaged on existing bridges or when weight of the girders may be of concern. W series girders are produced with rebar stirrups protruding from the top flange which are typically bent in the field to accommodate the reinforcing steel of the cast in place deck that these girders support.

Benefits of WF girders:

  • Long span capability
  • Efficient cross section
  • 4 girder depths to choose from

Span-Load Data


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