Tank - ADAK Fuel Storage

Adak, AK

2,142 precast components were shipped 2,500 miles by barge from Tacoma, Washington to the U.S. Naval Air Station at Adak, AK, for the construction of underground storage tanks. The six buried structures have a total capacity of 20 million gallons for storage of JP-5 jet fuel. The tank wall panels are pretensioned vertically and post tensioned circumferentially with internal grouted tendons. The roof structure is composed of hollow core planks, precast/prestressed beams, and steel tube columns.


Tank Walls - 324 ea - curved tank wall panels
Roof Beams - 240 ea - rectangular roof beams
Roof Deck - 1364 ea - 12" and 15" hollow core roof panels
Pump Pits - 214 ea - roof, floor, and wall panels


Seismic Resistance - Tanks are designed for the most seismically active location in the United States.

Steel Lined - ¼" steel liner plate is used on the floor and walls as leak protection and to guard against fuel contamination from contact with the concrete.

Economy - Precast post-tensioned design was significantly more economical than conventional Department of Defense cast-in-place tank design.

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