SR 520 Eastside Transit and HOV Project

Medina, WA

This large expansion project was needed to improve the heavily commuted corridor that was designed over 50 years ago.  It includes access points for public transportation and a High Occupancy Vehicle lane in each direction.  To improve safety and connectivity, large areas spanned across the highway.  These large areas, called lids, are used for local traffic, pedestrian use, and transit access. 

The Evergreen Point Rd lid supports the 520 Bridge View Park and provides parking, a bus station, access to the 520 Trail, and public open space.  The 84th Ave lid supports a large roundabout for local traffic as well as a community gathering space and access to the 520 Trail.  The 92nd Ave NE lid supports a convenient drop-off/pick-up location and access to a bus station and a nicely landscaped public open space.  Bellevue Way and 108th Ave NE lids provide improved infrastructure and vehicle access across the highway.


Silver Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies of Washington

Quality of Life/Community Development Award from Western Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

Excellence in Concrete Construction Award from Washington Aggregates and Concrete Association

Rated Top Ten Roads (#7) by Roads and Bridges Magazine


Economic member selection: The long “WF” girders provide some of the most efficient cross-sections in use today.  All interior girders were designed for strength and practicality.  Shorter products, such as the voided slabs provided cost-saving solutions to stream crossings and pedestrian bridges.

Formliner faced Tub girders:  The use of tub girders on the exterior members was chosen to provide a clean, solid look to the lids as countless travelers drove beneath.  The visible sides of these tubs contained a random board formliner finish to match the surrounding structures.

Accelerated construction:  As the precast members were fabricated concurrently with the site work, there was no delay to erection of each lid.  The Stay-in-Place panels were chosen to reduce forming and over-roadway work.  Even a project of this size can be made, stored and delivered to minimize road closures and improve the overall timeframe. 


WF95G Girders – 172 pcs – 19,205 LF

WF66G Girders – 12 pcs – 1,364 LF

WF42G Girders – 102 pcs – 7,650 LF

U83G Tub Girders – 12 pcs – 1,411 LF

U43G Tub Girders – 4 pcs – 299 LF

Stay-in-Place Panels – 1,754 pcs – 102,236 SF

36” Voided Slabs – 6 pcs – 2,445 SF

26” Voided Slabs – 4 pcs – 1,280 SF

18” Voided Slabs – 4 pcs – 809 SF


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