South Wharf and Homeport Carrier Pier

Everett, WA

Berthing for a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, as well as supply vessels, frigates, destroyers, and cruisers, is provided by this U.S. Navy pier in Everett, WA. The 144’ wide x 470' long South Wharf can accommodate smaller vessels, such as mine sweepers and barges, and provides access to the Carrier Pier and adjacent Breakwater Pier. The 212,000 sf Carrier Pier, 126' wide x 1680' long, was constructed using prestressed concrete piles, CIP pier caps, and prestressed concrete deck panels. 24" hollow concrete piles were produced and driven in lengths up to 194’ without splices.


Precast Prestressed Bearing Piles - 1186 (ea) - 24" hollow octagonal piles - 202,000 lineal feet and 64 (ea) 20" solid octagonal piles - 59,200 lf
Precast Prestressed Deck - 2200 (ea) - 24" haunched deck panels


Long Piles - The piles used on this project are the longest unspliced prestressed concrete piles driven in the Pacific Northwest
Economy - The prestressed pile and haunched deck system for this project is often referred to as the Puget Sound system of pier construction and is used extensively by the regional ports and the Navy due to its economy and durability.


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