Passenger-Only Ferry Facility and Recreational Pier

Bremerton, WA

Located adjacent to the Washington State Ferry Terminal and the Kitsap Transit Center in downtown Bremerton, this multi-purpose facility forms a central part of the area's waterfront redevelopment. The majority of the pier is an L-shaped floating structure moored with anchor lines and guide piles. The 550’ long floating breakwater/public pier portion serves to protect a recreational boating marina and provides public access for fishing. The other leg of the floating structure is used for berthing and passenger loading of the Kitsap Transit and Washington State Passenger-only Ferries that carry commuters from Bremerton to Seattle.


Multiple Celled Foam-filled Floats
1 (ea) - 8'-4" deep x 32' wide x 100' long
1 (ea) - 9'-6" deep x 20' wide x 115' long
3 (ea) - 7'-0" deep x 16' wide x 133' long


Post-tensioned - The individual floats are post-tensioned longitudinally to resist bending stresses from waves
Integrated - High strength post-tensioning rods between the units integrate the floats into a single breakwater, 550 feet long on one leg and 100 feet long on the other.
Ease of Mooring - Floating terminal/berthing for the passenger-only ferry eliminates the need to raise and lower a ramp to the boat to compensate for tidal fluctuations.


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