Modular Hybrid Pier

San Diego, CA

The Modular Hybrid Pier (MHP) floats were constructed as a full-scale mockup for testing and evaluation of future full-sized floating concrete piers for the US Navy. The MHP concept is a flexible and mobile alternative to traditional pile supported pier structures, allowing the Navy to re-configure or move the piers as their base mission changes. Two modules at 29’ deep x 50’ wide x 50’ long were constructed in CTC’s graving dock, utilizing precast walls, cast-in-place keel slabs, and precast deck panels with cast-in-place topping. The modules were post-tensioned in all directions with strand and bar tendons. The 100 year service life required the use of low-permeability concrete and corrosion resistant reinforcement.

After launch the two modules were structurally joined in the water at CTC, and the 100’ long module was towed 1,100 miles to the US Navy Base at San Diego. The floats incorporated testing gauges to monitor both structural and long-term corrosion performance while being moored at the test facility.

The MHP project was the 2005 recipient of the Precast Concrete Institute's "Harry H. Edwards Industry Advancement Award". More information on the MHP project can be found in the article "New Technologies Proven in Precast Concrete Modular Floating Pier for U.S Navy" in the July-August 2005 PCI Journal.


High Performance, Lightweight Concrete - The concrete mix was designed to meet performance requirements of 7,500 strength, low-permeability, and an unreinforced density of 122 pcf. The mix incorporated type II cement, flyash, lightweight-coarse aggregate and normal-weight sand. lightweight
Corrosion Resistant Reinforcement - Stainless steel, MMFX and fusion-bonded epoxy rebar were incorporated and instrumented to evaluate the long-term performance of the different materials.
MHP Concept - The floating and modular aspects of the MHP provide the owner; economy through standardization, faster construction and functional adaptability.


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