Jansen Creek Fish Passage

Clallam County, WA

Concrete Technology has been working with the Washington Department of Transportation over several decades to replace culverts and inadequate stream crossings with well-designed bridges.  These upgrades remove stream barriers and connect migrating fish to upstream habitats.  Additionally, the pedestrian and vehicle use on top of the bridge is often safer and improves traffic flow.


Internal Voids – Two long air voids decrease the weight while increasing the load-carrying capacity of the slab.  The voids increase the efficiency when compared to solid slabs of the same cross-section dimensions. This means longer span lengths or shallower members to meet the project requirements.

WSDOT Std. Weld Ties – Embedded angle steel at 4’ spacing provided shear connections between slabs.  They are easily accessible from the top, making slab erection quick and easy.

Custom Width – The 4’-7 ¼” width was best suited for this design.  It provided the overall width to support the curved cast-in-place deck while keeping the individual piece widths consistent.  


26” Voided Slabs – 5 pcs. – 50’ long


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