Department of Ecology Garage

Lacey, WA

This 430+ space structure provides parking for the Washington State Department of Ecology headquarters in Lacey, Washington. The floor deck uses 24" deep prestressed double tees, with an average span of 62'. The double tees are topped with a cast-in-place composite slab, which is used as a diaphragm and to provide sloping for drainage. The floor deck is supported by "pocketed" spandrels on the exterior of the structure. On the interior, the deck is supported with 8" thick precast walls at the ramp, and by prestressed inverted tee beams adjacent to the ramp. Precast columns support all of the horizontal elements.


Accelerated Construction Schedule - Precast components were fabricated concurrently with site and foundation work. Precast erection was completed in five weeks.
Factory Finish - High-quality surfaces of precast concrete reduced on-site finishing costs.
Galvanized Strand Cable Barrier


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