Carl E. Moses Breakwater

Unalaska, AK

This concrete floating breakwater was designed to protect the Carl E. Moses Harbor for medium size commercial vessels. Fourteen individual concrete float units with a 98’ length were fabricated.  Individual floats were joined to create a 490’ structure and an 882’ structure oriented perpendicular to each other. These concrete structures, in conjunction with a rubble mound structure, enclose the inner harbor. Concrete floats were moored with anchor chains passing through embedded hawse pipes. The chains were attached to precast concrete weights blocks resting on the seafloor, and precast concrete clump weights were used to adjust chain drape.


14 pieces – 6’ deep x 21’ wide x 98’ long Concrete Floats

25 pieces – Precast Concrete Weight Blocks, 45 tons

23 pieces – Precast Concrete Weight Blocks, 28 tons

30 pieces – Precast Concrete Clump Weights, 1.5 tons


  • Concrete floats were cast as monolithic units to minimize maintenance.
  • Concrete floats were foam-filled and post-tensioned longitudinally for service stresses.
  • The owner’s requirement for 25 year service life was easily achieved with precast concrete materials and methods.


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