Burien Transit Center Garage

Burien, WA

Conveniently located in the heart of Burien next to the Sound Transit Center, this 5 story parking structure is vital for commuter parking and is aesthetically appealing. The garage offers the public use of 488 parking stalls, 10 of which include electric vehicle charging stations, as well as bike lockers for cyclists. The exterior spandrels received a sandblast finish and the shotcrete shear walls that are sandwiched between precast columns and received colorful mountain artwork. 


Columns – 41 pcs., 24” Square with corbels

Rectangle Beams – 99 pcs., 12”x 29.5” Beams

Rectangle Beams – 13 pcs., 24”x 29.5” Beams

Spandrels – 20 pcs., Various sizes.


Precast-Post Tension Hybrid System – The combination of precast framing elements and cast-in-place concrete flooring system benefit from the vertical erection speed of off-site construction and the design flexibility of the post-tensioned deck.


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