Barrier Motors

Bellevue, WA

Located in downtown Bellevue, this 180' x 240' three-level parking structure stores automobile inventory for Barrier Motors. This garage utilizes the typical "all precast" structural system. The exterior frame consists of precast beam/column units, precast spandrels, and cast-in-place shear walls. Interior framing consists of precast columns, supporting prestressed inverted tee beams. The floor deck uses 24" deep prestressed double tees, with a cast-in-place composite topping.


Accelerated Construction Schedule - Precast components were fabricated concurrently with site and foundation work.
Efficient System - Utilizes precast components for vertical load support, and the cast-in-place topping as a diaphragm, transferring the wind/seismic loads into the cast-in-place shear walls. The cast-in-place topping also increases double tee capacity through composite action, and is finished to provide proper drainage.


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