AutoNation BMW Garage

Bellevue, WA

With a desire to relocate and expand, AutoNation chose this location at the intersection of two major highways to display their vehicles. In a creative, yet practical way, they were able to incorporate some of the old home improvement store into their modern operation. In between the old structure and the new showroom is a large maintenance facility with wide aisles and high ceilings - perfect for negotiated SUVs into the several lifts. Additional inventory can be stored on top of this facility by using the precast and prestressed products listed below.


Accelerated Construction Schedule – Precast components were fabricated while portions of the old building were being demolished and the site work was being prepared.  Complete precast erection took place in just a couple weeks.

Very large spandrels were used alongside the Double tees to act as a vehicle barrier and to blend well with the aesthetics of the adjacent block of the existing structure and the cast-in-place concrete of the new structure.


  • Double Tees  – 76 pcs. – 32” & 36” Double Tees
  • Spandrels – 6 pcs. – load bearing and non-load bearing Spandrels
  • Columns – 17 pcs. – 22” square Columns
  • Inverted Tee Beams – 11 pcs. – 32”x34” Inverted Tee Beams



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