Ardjuna Sakti (LPG Floating Storage Facility)

Java Sea, Indonesia

The Ardjuna Sakti is a floating offshore refrigeration and storage platform, moored permanently at an offshore oil field in Indonesia. It can hold up to 16,000,000 gal. of liquid propane in 12 insulated tanks. The facility includes crew quarters for 50 personnel, a refrigeration plant to process the gas to -50 o F., and articulated cargo loading arms to transfer the gas to adjacent LPG tankers. The hull is constructed of prestressed concrete and has a draft of 41 ft. when fully loaded. It was constructed at Concrete Technology's plant in Tacoma, WA and towed 10,000 miles to the site in the Java Sea. 

The structure measures 56 ft. deep x 136 ft. wide x 461 ft. long. It was made from hundreds of precast pieces integrated together with cast-in-place concrete and post-tensioning. There were 12,000 cubic yards of concrete and 600 miles of ½" diameter prestressing strand used in the construction.


  • Largest floating concrete processing plant of its type in the world.
  • Has been in continuous service without significant hull maintenance since 1976.
  • Biaxial prestressing in the concrete prevents cracks and results in a leak-free hull.
  • Remote site application had all construction done in a developed industrial location.
  • Can be disconnected from underwater pipeline and moved to another site if desired.


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